Health is a state of being, not a physical appearance.


Service Include:

  • Fitness Classes
  • Fitness Demos
  • Health & Wellness Fairs & Community Events
  • Training (Virtual & Live) Group Exercise Certification & Life Coaching
  • CEU Courses

As world-wide beauty standards begin to change, the self-image and body positivity movement is still on the rise, but hasn’t made its way to the fitness industry as of yet. This puts Kinestherapy at an advantage to be positioned at the start of what will become a global impact and will ultimately change the dynamic of the healthy/unhealthy stereotypes.

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Who is this program for?

Kinestherapy is for health gurus, beginners and those who desire to maintain a fitness level they’ve acquired. This program is designed for all groups promoting ultimate health and wellness in all aspects of life. Anyone who could use the motivation, encouragement or a little uplifting to make it through another day should be in attendance.

What is the plan/goal?

Phase 1 – Launch fitness brand, certify Kinestherapy instructors. Obtain credentials and accreditation to certify Kinestherapy instructors as Group Exercise Instructors and Life Coaches. Release website. Incorporate business name. Register trademark. Start promotional commercials.
Goal: 500 Certified instructors world-wide by 2024

Phase 2 – Increase target market to therapists, educators, and clinics. Kinestherapy to improve patient experience and therapists’ results from patients. Training course and CEUs offered to Licensed therapists.
Goal: Have program taught as part of curriculum in schools and offer program at facilities by 2026

Phase 3 – Open facility, all health and wellness in one building: fitness center, aerobics room, indoor pool, indoor walking track, basketball court, cafe, retail store, greenhouse garden with fresh fruits/veggies, private treatment rooms, showers, rooms for party rentals, and child’s play area. Services include: physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage therapy, Reiki healing practices, personal training, dietitians, chef’s classes, naturopathic doctor, cognitive behavior therapy, group exercise classes. This facility offers memberships and a quiz to determine where the member is on the health continuum. Once the quiz is completed, the member will receive a “starting point” recommendation based on their level of health.
Goal: Open first facility by 2026

What do the classes consist of?

Core Components – All components are included in each class structure

  • Physical Health
    ○ Cardiovascular, core, strength, toning, balance, and coordination are targeted aspects in the physical health component
  • Mental Health
    ○ Affirmations, Breathing techniques
  • Spiritual Health
    ○ Meditation/Prayer components
  • Emotional Health
    ○ Self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence
How are your classes structured?

For the Fitness Professional

I. Welcome

II. Warm-up

III. Intensity

IV. Cool Down

What's the cost to get started?

Signing up to become a Kinestherapy Inctructor is easy!  If you’ve read though the program questions above, you now have all the information to get started.  Take advantage of this introductory pricing by clicking/tapping the [SIGN UP] button, enter a little information, choose your class schedule and you’re on your way!


Kinestherapy Fitness Professional Certification:

Kinestherapy Fit-a-Vert (includes group exercise certification):

Kinestherapy Specialist (includes both group ex and life coaching certification):

All levels include back office, community forums, job & contract opportunities, CEU credits, and free membership to Minority Fitness Professionals Society