Health is a state of being, not a physical appearance.

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What is Kinestherapy?

Kinestherapy is a physical and mental therapy infused workout uniquely designed to keep you healed, whole, and happy. Healthy is the goal in this full-body, fun, fiery workout for the dance lover, fitness specialists, and therapists combined! Cardio, toning, core strengthening, balance training, cognitive health, self-confidence and self-esteem techniques and more in one amazing workout. Kinestherapy was created to provide motivation, coaching, encouragement, improve self-esteem and self-confidence while simultaneously providing a dynamic workout.

As world-wide beauty standards begin to change, the self-image and body positivity movement is still on the rise, but hasn’t made its way to the fitness industry as of yet. This puts Kinestherapy at an advantage to be positioned at the start of what will become a global impact and will ultimately change the dynamic of the healthy/unhealthy stereotypes.

Kinestherapy | Health is a state of being, not a physical appearance.